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Tanórok Street No. 1149
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Major attractions of Praid

Salt Mine, Wines Gallery in the Salt Mine

The underground treatment is based on breathing in the air in the mine, being very benefic for the treatment of the respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. The lenght of a treatment is 18 days. The underground treatment may be enjoyed at the "50" horizon, at 120 m depth from the surface. During the time spent in the mine, it is reccommended to take long walks or to do the exercises prescibed and supervised by specialists. The treatment is perfect for all persons between the ages of 2 and 60. According to statistical data all visitors that enjoy the treatment at least 3 or 4 times can feel its benefic effects and the resistence of the body is increasingi. Therefore Praid has a hospital and three consulting rooms. The visitors are accomodated in guest houses, at local families or in the hospital.

Dear guests, visitors can expect much from the Wine Gallery in the salt mine, where the style is unique in the world, an unparalleled creation through the 275 kinds of wines, 25 viniculture from 6 European countries, at a depth of 100 m from the surface. Enterprise buses for visitors goes daily at 12, 14, 16. We offer a glass of wine for tasting and a nice presentation about the wines.

At 18:00 Wine Evening is organized, where five kinds of wines are tasted, with a spectacular wine presentation. Upon request we offer for our guests cold dishes, tasting the other 50 varieties of wines, guests have the possibility to buy these wines, as well as introductory course in wine culture. Effects of saline through these space, light and sound with this wonderful wine offers unforgettable moments for each visitor.

Salty Swimming Pool

In Praid there is a salt water swimming pool. Besides the open air swimming pool, visitors may enjoy the benefic effect of the salt water spas, very helpful for rheuma treatment. The benefic effect of the salt bath may be felt on the whole body, healing, calming, physically and psychically relaxing, antiseptic and sterilizing. A single bath lasts for 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes, depending on the individual. The temperature of the salt water is of 36 degrees Celsius. A treatment consists of 10-14 warm baths without interruption. The salt baths function between the 1st of June and the 15th of October.

The Salt Canyon

Salt Canyon is beautiful, with cliffs and sparkling white salt increases, clints, turrets, small caves, salty springs crust white veils, deposited on the surrounding rocks, and all of them placed in a magnificent setting with rich vegetation and multiple, hardwood and softwood together.

Sovata's Bear Lake

The Bear lake is unique in Europe. The name comes from the shape of the lake as it looks like a bearskin. Its length is 306 m and the perimeter is 910 m, deepest point 18,1 m. Therefore in summer, the temperature of Lake BEAR (18.1 m deep), which is the biggest heliothermal lake. The temperature of the water in summertime varies as solar heat is accumulated in the salt water, the warm water being protected by the layer of fresh water from the rivulets, which does not mix with the salt water but remains on the surface, serving as a thermal insulator. There is an unfogatabble feeling: swing within the heart of woods, at 502 meters above sea level in the healing salty water. On the bank of the lake there is a spa with different treatments, such as pelotherapy, weight bath, massage.

Ceramics of Corund

Corund is a commune in Harghita County, Romania. It lies in the Sekler Land, an ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania, in the Salt Region. Corund is famous for its pottery and ceramics.

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